Thought of Something to Blog About

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

LHMainTitle Melissa-Gilbert-Laura-Ingalls-stars-in-Lionsgate-Home-Entertainments-Little-House-on-the-Prairie-The-Complete-Television-Series-3

Have you ever watched these?? Little House on the Prairie episodes? They are SO GOOD. Maybe to sweet for some tastes, but I cannot get enough of their bonnets, pinafores, quilted coverlets and beautiful little wooden house. Pa is a gem, Ma is everything you ever wanted, and those girls are just too darn good-natured to be believed…


Best Intentions…2015

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


Oh friends, I am struggling with this blog. A poem instead:


Moves Along

I Go With It

Moments Pass

I post them to instagram

I watch a documentary

I go to bed


And Again.

If I could post the peace sign emoji here I would.

Back maybe later with not much else to say.

Sorry Buddies.


Monday, December 22nd, 2014

IMG_3321 IMG_4076 IMG_3901 IMG_3770


It is Christmas. I have not sent out any cards. But I am having a good time. Cannot think of anything to say – I’m sorry! Still posting a lot on instagram, so most goodies to be found there, and the occasional thing on my tumblr…getting really lazy about making things good looking on there, really just quick sketchbook-like notes to myself, but there you go. Really want to post more on this blog – maybe in the New Year??? HAPPY HOLIDAZE!!!!


Sunday, November 16th, 2014









This post kind of came out matchy-matchy, nothing really new to report, read through a bunch of old posts and really enjoyed them and was so glad I took the time to capture these fleeting moments that I resolved to try to post more frequently on here.

So nothing doing, just starting the crazy run up to Christmas. Really want to do cards this year, so bummed I dropped the ball these past few years, let’s see if I can pull it off. Got through all those photos docs I mentioned last post, really fun to immerse myself into that for awhile.

What else, what else…hmmmm…well, I am brain dead. Oh – revived my tumblr after I made that big fuss about it being dead forever. Well, whatever. It still kind of works as a good virtual notebook, I feel like the pressure is off just to post arresting images since there are a million other blogs doing that now, and I can just be boring from now on. Check it out if you want:


Monday, November 3rd, 2014










Trying to get back on board with this blog, I had a couple of hang-ups since the new ipod has been in my life, but I think I may have resolved them (won’t bore you with the details)…

So life lately has been up and down, really struggling with adjusting to this strange new life and new everything, feeling regretful and sad off and on…moving blues. It is so easy to take for granted when you are settled in a life, being unsettled feels open to anything and free of baggage, but also a little lost at sea.

Really feeling the photography lately and loving it. Moving more and more towards that, found this great webpage with links to a bunch of docs on famous photogs – maybe you would also enjoy…

And Today

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, the whole family (well those out West) are coming to our place to eat the big meal. Looking forward to the break in routine and for the visiting…

Watched this movie the other day, very interesting, especially since I am on a photography kick…

Beginning Again Again

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

The summer was epic, I have a million photos to prove it. Also took the summer off the blog. And the month of September. To much going on, to many new things to absorb, and then of course with instagram I could just journal things shorthand instead of having to write out full sentences over here. Lazy.

I am at a loss where to begin as usual when I take such a big break, but here is the best I can do: so we moved, from East to West and we are now in B.C. in a small town where Pat is teaching at the university here for 2 semesters. P is only teaching one class the first semester so I am going to try to FINALLY get my act together and get back in line. First up was a website overhaul. Done! Check it out here:


Monday, June 16th, 2014











Done and Done. Well, at least the first half, the movers will do the rest in September when we actually know for sure where we are going…wish I had links or something interesting to share but I don’t. Pretty drained from moving but slowly recovering at my parent’s house which is perfect. Still seem to find endless time to be on instagram somehow, hope I don’t lose my blogging motivation…


Wednesday, June 4th, 2014


Yes, we are now officially moving. Packing, garage sale-ing, the whole bit. Third summer in a row. Feeling blue but trying to shake it off and get on with it. Patrick’s optimism is helping, hope we can run with that and get things to work out okay. Goodbye Montreal in 10 days!


Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014


Hello! Okay – so I got this new iPod touch and am trying out posting from the wordpress app…I also got an Instagram account at long last which is where I have been spending my energy for the last couple of weeks, but I still will post here – just got caught up with a new fun thing…