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Things Get Weird, But Remain Awesome.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

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Pretty much threw in the towel for August. Real life on hold until September calls around here. Had a few long nights and hours of the day with Ruby. Molars I think. Keep trying to unwind on the internet but it does the opposite. I just really don’t know how to have a relationship with it these days. Eh. Probably just need to get off it and get making. I have itchy fingers, I need to get my studio set up, need to finish my last scarf!! I might have to start to machine sew the edges because it just takes me too long to handroll…not sure. Have other ideas but just really need to get the ball firmly rolling instead of all this stopping and starting. Wish there wasn’t so much regular life stuff to do that gets in the way…also need to stop making excuses and GET ON IT.

Louis didn’t draw that by the way, his Dad did – it is of our new apartment. And Thanks!!!! to Ancient Pocket for my super mail package!


Dog Days

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

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Went thrift shopping the other day – found these perfect shoes for Ruby – the pink high tops  – the same as mine!! We also got a nice planter pot, a new dish, a straw hat, a giant light-up candle, a pair of ceramic comedy/tragedy faces, glow in the dark dinosaurs…and a few more things. I love thrift shopping, never gets old for me. There is one almost in our front yard it is so close. Both good and bad for me…!


Blue Face

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013



And this film, In The Street, from Julie’s non-stop super awesome pinterest page

This Short Movie, Crin Blanc: Le Cheval Sauvage

Sunday, August 4th, 2013


Watched this movie years ago, found it again here to share – sorry no subtitles though…

Back Again, With News of Things Happening

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

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Back from another Away (love you Mom & Dad and sorry T.O. peeps for not making it into town!) – and lots of exciting making-stuff-wise-and-getting-it-out-there things happened – here are some links to check it all out (I already posted links on other internet outlets so sorry if you are sick of hearing about it!!):

Testing out using this new site BYCO to manufacture and distribute some designs, here is my profile page with a few items that have been produced and are now for sale!

Also my candleholders were included in a terrific write-up on the Perfect Nothing Catalog in the online design magazine Sight Unseen. So nice to have some press after a bit of a lull for the last couple of years (or more??)…

In any case – mega good vibes over here about all that. Stuff made and being appreciated is always so heart-warming. Thanks friends.