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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

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I am taking one tomorrow!! I have many different thoughts about that, mostly involving that it will be my first trip anywhere by myself without my two mini buddies, but feeling pressed for time so will report back on the flip side.

I saw this the other day (by myself in the movie theatre! HEAVEN) a love story involving the dabbawallahs of Mumbai, and thought it was so great. I really miss watching good movies on the big screen.


Baby in Basket, Etc.

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

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Baby in basket, got the kids expensive scooters (thrift store helmets though! Easing my guilt), amazing jacket from thrift store – yet to wear – everyone giggles when I wear it? Why? Two cute kids, awesome mail too beautifully wrapped (from this place on the internet which is so terrific), the table setting this month…

There are a few blogs, by other creative mothers with children, which are such sparks to me. Here they are for you:

Ruby 2! (and This Pillow)

Friday, April 11th, 2014

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Ruby 2! Wohooo! No more babies in this house. Happy and Sad.

So I got so desperate to use some of these prints I have been sitting on for years now, that I originally designed for a JF & Son collaboration, and after unsuccessfully trying to get hooked up with some bigger companies that have homeware lines – I tried out Society 6. I have real hang ups about this but then thought – oh whatever. All I wanted to make was a pillow and an iphone case because I thought that would kind of fit in with what I am doing, but you are forced to first make art prints with your patterns (on stretched canvas and framed!), and then it also adds all these other goofy products like shower curtains. Weird. The pillow actually looks really nice and is put together well with a hidden zipper and everything but I wish it was linen instead of polyester, and they add in their own tag, but I guess that is okay. It could be an alright way to prototype some things, but I will have to keep thinking about how to make things work on a bigger scale. Have all these ideas but always end up in the realm of print-on-demand. Consumer-friendly but not a way to really get going with something. I also need to learn how to sew. That would be a big help with all of this. Wish I could get someone else on board so I could just do the designs and not worry about the production. As for the rest of the designs – I have maybe three solid ones and spent a lot of time picking the colorways (the one in the pic above is light, light purple and yellow), I am thinking of maybe opening up a shop on Spoonflower. I don’t really know how this would help, other than just getting them out there, but maybe other people could make something interesting with the fabric? Anyway. Deep thoughts over here about all that. Will keep you posted.

Ready for Rain (and Shine)

Friday, April 4th, 2014


 We are ready! Me and my now 2-year-old. Party to celebrate tomorrow! Patrick comes home tonight! Bring on new adventures.

Did A Runner At the Bus Stop Again Today

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014



Got everyone awake, fed, dressed, and out the door (with the aid of 3 Berenstain Bears episodes and threatening to go without Ruby two times to get her finally in her clothes), even put extra effort into wardrobe for all (trying to make it feel like spring), sneakers, lighter jackets, no mittens etc. Got out. We were cold. Thought about going back in and adding the extra layers, decided it wasn’t worth it. Pressed on. Carrried Ruby down the spiral staircase in her stroller, yelled at Louis to come down after me. Yelled three times. He got down. Put him on the back of the stroller where he steps on the underneath basket part and leans against me as I push. We continued. Saw the bus pulling up from a block and a busy street crossing away – so we run. Louis saying “Go faster Mom!”, me saying “I can’t go any faster!!” We cross the street, car passengers looking on in what must be horror, we roll up to the open bus door, I look at the lady, she looks at me, I pant “Bonjour” and keep walking. Sometimes, I just don’t have it in me. The thought of enduring the ride, then the 4 block walk to the school, then the drop-off, return trip via the Metro which is a 20 minute walk away from the school, and then doing it all again 6 hours later??? Ugh. We will do it tomorrow though. But today we went to the thrift store and then to McDonalds across the street, where Louis bought his sister and himself a Happy Meal (pancakes, hashbrowns, and yogurt in the morning – who knew??) with his awesome gift card that Super Auntie Charlotte got him, and they played in the playpark there which I never let them do because it is like a hamster maze and scares me, and then we went home and a friend came over for coffee. I feel like I made the right decision. Plus I got a Hario glass tea kettle, a tiny red bear with embroidered nose and eyes, and a vintage tea tray with a white magnolia on it at the frip (total $2.50). (Sorry Mom, Dad, and Patrick)