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And Today

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, the whole family (well those out West) are coming to our place to eat the big meal. Looking forward to the break in routine and for the visiting…

Watched this movie the other day, very interesting, especially since I am on a photography kick…


Beginning Again Again

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

The summer was epic, I have a million photos to prove it. Also took the summer off the blog. And the month of September. To much going on, to many new things to absorb, and then of course with instagram I could just journal things shorthand instead of having to write out full sentences over here. Lazy.

I am at a loss where to begin as usual when I take such a big break, but here is the best I can do: so we moved, from East to West and we are now in B.C. in a small town where Pat is teaching at the university here for 2 semesters. P is only teaching one class the first semester so I am going to try to FINALLY get my act together and get back in line. First up was a website overhaul. Done! Check it out here: